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Best Herbs to Grow Indoors

Loveleena Rajeev Jan 10, 2019
Herbs are used in a variety of dishes all over the world. There is nothing better than having fresh herbs at hand whenever you need them. Given further is a list of the best ones to grow indoors.
Herbs make for easy houseplants, and growing them in your home will allow you to enjoy a variety of fresh green herbs whenever you need. There are many varieties of herbs that are easy to grow and are widely used in many cuisines. 
All plants need sunlight and a good level of air circulation to thrive and grow. While some may need full sun, partial sunlight suffices for others. So, the right location is important. Windowsills and balconies are the best places to have a herb garden.
You can use containers to grow a variety of plants, and also be able control the quantity and quality. Container gardening has many benefits; the soil and watering can be maintained as per the individual plant's needs. It is easier to move them and even apply mulch.

How to Grow Herbs Indoors

Choose the herbs you want. Most can be propagated through seeds, saplings, and runners which can all be easily bought from local nurseries. If you are an amateur gardener, start growing local herbs, and once you have enough experience you can move on to more exotic ones like scented geraniums, lime thyme, Italian parsley, etc.
The quantity of the herbs you want to grow determines the size of the container. Layer the container with a few small bricks and pieces of charcoal. Fill it up with soil that is made up of one part each of soil, humus-rich compost, and fine sand.
Fill the container three-quarters of the way. To sow seeds, draw straight lines in the soil very lightly with your index finger, and sprinkle the seeds in it. If the seeds are very fine, then mix them with a little bit of sand for even distribution.
Cover the seeds lightly with soil, and use a sprayer to moisten it. Cover the container with a sheet of newspaper for three to four days. When the herbs sprout, move the container to a place where they can receive natural light.
For runners or saplings plants, use the same mentioned soil mix and plant them using small garden tools. Water lightly, and leave undistributed in a place where they will receive adequate sunlight and air. Fertilize once in a month. Herbs do better with organic slow release liquid fertilizers. Mulch very carefully, and check for weeds and diseases regularly.

List of Indoor Herbs


Bay is a perennial that will grow well in containers. Plant saplings at a distance as they tend to crowd. They need plenty of air circulation.


This herb sprouts roots very fast if grown from cuttings. It will do well in partial shade as well as full sun.


Coriander grows from seeds, moisten seeds lightly 6-8 hours prior to sowing. Moistened seeds sprout faster.


This is also propagated through seeds. It likes lots of sun, so place it on a sill that receives maximum sunlight.


Mint is propagated through runners, this herb is invasive in nature, so it is necessary to control its spread. It prefers partial shade and moist soil.


Rosemary can be grown from cuttings. Stand the cutting in some water, the tip of the edge should only be dipped in the water. It will sprout roots in a week. It does well with reflected light as well.


Chives should be grown by dividing old clumps. Pot the clumps at the end of the growing season. Wait till new leaves sprout, then bring the container indoors. Chives need a good amount of fertilizer and water.


This can be grown from both seeds and clumps. It is best to choose a compact variety for indoor gardening.


Chervil seeds should be sowed in late summer. It can grow well in diffused light as well.


Thyme grows from cuttings, enjoys full sun, and needs very little water.


Sage is drought resistant, prefers full sun, and can be propagated through cuttings.
Other herbs which you can choose to grow include tarragon, lavender, lemon verbena, and marjoram. Growing herbs in pots inside the house or on your windowsill will not only give your food an aromatic taste and flavor, but also add to the beauty of your kitchen.