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Best Gas Leaf Blower: Reviews

Refer Judicial Reviews of the Best Gas Leaf Blowers in the Market

Automation has made even the most trivial of tasks easier with specialized gadgets. One such machine is the gas leaf blower, designed for the overworked homemaker who wants his yard clean. Here are reviews of the best gas-powered leaf blowers on the planet.
Omkar Phatak
Buying a piece of equipment like a gas-powered leaf blower is not just about finding the cheapest one; it's about finding a piece of machinery which is exactly tailored to your job requirements. Discerning users value good craftsmanship, looking for devices which offer true value for the money. As most home users would confess, in mankind's endeavor to lessen its load of physical labor, the lawn mover and leaf blower deserve to be categorized among crowning achievements. Dust, twigs and leaves, whatever be the quarry, leaf blowers are mightily handy in cleaning yards within a matter of minutes. In what follows, we have chosen and reviewed the very best gas leaf blowers that money can buy. Before diving into the reviews here's a guide for first-time buyers.

Leaf Blower Buying Guide
The working of a gas leaf blower is based on a very simple principle. A high-speed fan, placed inside, blows air, which is provided directionality by ducts and pipes to blow leaves. The top air speeds of best blowers are in the 200 mph range. In terms of functionality, there are two main types. One is a basic blower model and other includes an additional vacuum cleaning facility, using which you can clean out dust, leaves and bag them easily. Repair is also a simple job with these contraptions as no complex machinery is involved. In terms of the energy source that powers them, leaf blowers come in two types: electric and gas-powered. In this write-up, we focus on the latter. One serious issue with gas-powered blowers is noise, which is only justified by the high power they offer, compared to silent electric blowers.

Following are the parameters which must be necessarily checked when buying a gas leaf blower:
  • MPH (Miles per Hour): This measures the velocity of air blowing out. Maximum speed can be around 200 miles per hour. More the better.
  • Engine Capacity: Usually listed in cubic centimeters (cc), this value, along with MPH, defines the blower power. High powered ones range from 50 to 100 cc. Sub-50 cc blowers serve well to clean small backyards.
  • Handheld/Backpack/Roller: These are the three options available. If it's a high power blower, it comes with a backpack and the really heavy duty ones come with a roller. The roller blower is ideally suited for home owners who need to clear large tracts of land.
  • 4 Stroke/2 Stroke: It's recommended that a blower with 4 stroke engine be preferred over two stroke as the latter tends to be highly inefficient in terms of fuel usage.
  • Decibel Levels: For gas blowers, this is a crucial parameter which measures the amount of noise you can expect the blower to make. Around 65 - 70 dB noise, at a distance of 50 feet is tolerable. Make sure the levels match your local noise pollution regulations.
  • Weight: The weight specification matters the most as the device needs to be operated manually. Look for light blowers with high engine capacity, that would ideally serve your cause.
  • Brands: Some of the best brands offering high quality gas leaf blowers are Stihl, Echo and Craftsman.
The inherent advantage of gas-powered blowers is the power they deliver, making them ideal for users with big clearance jobs.

Top Gas Leaf Blower: Reviews
Here are some reviews which will help you decide. Read them and then make your choice.

STIHL BR 350 Backpack Blower
A high-end backpack blower from STIHL, this one tops the list due to its range of features and power which makes short work of the toughest yard clearance tasks.
Price: $399.95
Pros: With 63.3 cc displacement, a generated air velocity of 168 mph, this machine packs in some serious blowing power. It's anti-vibration system, adjustable support harness and multi-function control handle make it an easy product to maneuver for big clearance jobs. The noise level is maintained at a tolerable 74 dB with a 1700 cc fuel capacity enabling its usage for large tracts. An even more powerful alternative is BR 600 STIHL Magnum.
Cons: Though attached with a comfortable backpack, the 10 Kg weight can make it unwieldy and the close to $400 price tag puts it beyond the reach of most users.
Bottom Line: STIHL BR 350 is only recommended for people who face a mammoth yard clearance job. It would clearly be an overkill otherwise.

Dolmar PB-7601.4
Another power performer this backpack blower from Dolmar has earned good reviews overall for its design and performance.
Price: $409.00
Pros: A four stroke engine, 75.6 cc displacement, a maximum air speed of 195 mph and large fuel tank capacity (1.9 liter) make it a great choice for professional lawn management companies as well as home owners with large clearance areas. An automatic valve decompression system enables rapid start up, while a low fuel consumption engine makes it a good investment for the long run.
Cons: Again 10.2 kg of overall weight can make the tool difficult to handle for some.
Bottom Line: A powerful backpack blower, this Dolmar product with its ergonomic design and usage comfort is a good choice for any home power user.

Echo PB-255LN
A nifty handheld leaf blower this Echo product is designed for users with low to moderate clearance jobs.
Price: $199.99
Pros: Despite an engine displacement of 25.4 cc, this Echo product manages to maintains an average air speed of 157 mph, breezily clearing out debris quite easily. With a 2 year commercial and 5 year consumer warranty, it's simply a great deal. A semi-transparent fuel tank is a useful feature, that helps user know when the tool's running low on gas. A rubber top handle and low noise (64 dB) operation just about seals the deal for anybody with a modicum of doubt about the product.
Cons: No glaring issues to report. It may fall short of expectations when used for large yard clearance campaigns.
Bottom Line: Go for the Echo PB-255LN, if you are looking for a blower with moderate scale usage.

Troy-Bilt TB4BP Backpack Leaf Blower
A budget choice as far as backpack leaf blowers are concerned, the Troy-Bilt TB4BP fits the bill.
Price: $233.10
Pros: With 35 cc engine capacity, this blower delivers air at a moderate 160 MPH with comfortable overall handling.
Cons: May fall short of the mark in case of larger clearance areas where a higher power blower would be well suited.
Bottom Line: True value for money, this Troy-Bilt product makes for a great bargain choice.

Other Gas Powered Leaf Blowers of Note
  • Makita BHX2500 Mini-4-Stroke Hand Held Blower ($229.99)
  • Craftsman 25cc 210mph / 450 cfm Gas Blower ($129.99)
  • Weedeater 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower ($79.99)
Go for a product that is the perfect intersection between features offered and your specific requirements, providing just the right amount of blowing power. Going for a trusted brand like Echo or STIHL is advisable. If you have a small lawn clearance requirement, an electric leaf blower would better serve your needs.
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