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Begonia Plant Varieties

Magnificent Varieties of Begonia Plant to Plant in Your Garden

Begonia is the perfect choice for filling your garden with vibrant colors and magnificent blooms. Here we have discussed the various begonia plant varieties.
Loveleena Rajeev
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018
Begonia Flower Set
With over 1,500 species, begonia blooms will offer you an amazing number of varieties to light up your garden. Begonia is a genus in the flowering plant family Begoniaceae, and all species under this genus are known by the umbrella term begonia.
Begonia Glitter
The flowers in this genus are very popular as they come in some dazzling, as well as soothing, colors. The flowers can be large or small, with single or double petals. Male and female flowers are borne on single plants, and the foliage of some of the types is highly valued for its ornamental use.
Red Begonias Grow On Flower Bed
The plants can be shrubby or trailing, which makes them perfect for pots and containers, as well as flower beds, edgings, and borders.
Red Begonia Flower With Water Droplets
This plant species is divided broadly into different categories, with each type having distinct root systems, stems, foliage, and flowers. These are the types of begonia:
This type has the most spectacular flower show, and also the maximum number of colors. This variety of begonia can have very large leaves, up to 14 inches in length. The flowers are borne in large clusters, and do quite well as both indoor and outdoor plants.
Flower nursery
The multi-stemmed shrub variety is planted for its ease of growing, beautifully shaped green leaves, and quick growth. Some plants bear small white, pink, or red flowers. The shrubs can be either miniatures or even as high as ten feet tall.
Begonia creeper
This is a trailer variety, with some plants having the ability to climb upwards like a creeper. The begonias in this type bear large flowers in small clusters. Their roots tend to hold on to trees, rocks, or walls for support as they climb or trail.
Thick Stemmed
Not very popular among the begonia genus, these thick stemmed varieties do not branch much, but shoot up new growth from the base. The leaves tend to shed, making this an unusual plant to have at home or in gardens. New hybrids of this variety have stems that range in color from green and brown, to even cream.
Rex begonia are grown more for their foliage that comes in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and vivid colors. It does bear flowers, but they are quite inconsequential. The foliage needs a lot of care, as temperature and other environmental conditions can dampen it.
Bright flowers of tuberous begonias
This variety is very popular as it can be started each season with ease, and the availability is not an issue. Some plants in this type are grown for their flowers, while others for their foliage. Tuberous begonias can be either trailing or sturdy upright plants.
Begonia white flowers blooming in the garden
Widely grown, these types of begonia can be treated as annual, as well as perennial, shrubs. The leaves come in colors of green, bronze, and in some variegated varieties, white. The flowers too come in shades and hues of red, pink, and white.
Begonias market
This type offers an endless variety of leaf shapes, colors, and textures. They have a huge flower display that in some varieties bloom only in the spring, while some bloom throughout the year. Their rhizomes don't go deep in the ground, but spread along.
Colorful Begonia Plants In Bloom
With so many options, it should not be too difficult to plant an entire garden based on begonia varieties.