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8 Beautiful Ideas for a Unique Yet Attractive Grassless Front Yard

8 Beautiful Ideas for a Grassless Front Yard
'Perfectly manicured lawns' sounds like a dreamy description, but lawn mowing can be a nightmare! Be it the boredom of looking at the same old green lawn or the serious issue of maintaining thirsty grasses in times of water crisis, it is time to move over to a front yard with low maintenance or no grass. Read on, as we give you some of the best ideas to do so.
Sonal Dharmadhikari
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
A different hue of green
lawn with low grass and shrubbery
The grasses might have to go but not the greenery! Indigenous low maintenance grasses that need little or no water and mowing can be found abundantly in any area. Since they are in their natural habitat, they blend in beautifully.
The pebble adornment
beautiful winding pebble pathway
The gravelly crunch of walking home is treat to the ears and eyes. Make pebbles dot your front yard landscape for a distinct look.
Pave the way home
paving way amongst grass
With small grasses growing around their slabs, pavings have a way to look the most loved paths leading home. It's no surprise that this grassless landscaping idea is a classic around the world.
The veggie paradise
lady cultivating a vegetable garden
Turn your front yard into your veggie market! This gives you the dual advantage of having fresh vegetables for your meals and giving the yard a beautiful organic look. Prefer cultivating water-efficient varieties to minimize the use of water.
The kiddie haven
child playing in a sandbox
Get the kids away from the virtual play world and bring them closer to nature. Let your imagination loose with eclectic ideas of sandboxes, crazy paving paths to chase butterflies around and flowering gardens to cultivate their appreciation of nature and beauty.
A home to the wings
bird fountain situated in a garden
If you have been wondering where did all the birds go, maybe it's time to call them back in your life. Create a bird-, butterfly-, and bee-friendly habitat out of your front / backyard and delight in the company of our feathered friends.
The family space
garden patio with tables and chairs
Take your family out from under the roof towards the natural canopy of leaves, by converting the yard into a patio or extended living area.
The laid-back zone
family sitting in the garden on chairs
Barbecue? Check. Fireplace? Check. Hangout area? Check. The open space front yards can offer is of many such versatile uses, for moments to unwind and entertain.
Who knew rethinking a space can show up so many faces of it?!