Backyard Patio Designs

Backyard Patio Designs
A patio is a nice and quiet corner of the backyard which needs as much attention and thought as any other part of the house. You can try innovative ideas in designing and making the patio the focal point of your house. Here are few interesting ideas and tips to enhance the appearance of a patio.
'Patio' is a Spanish word which means a place in the backyard, mostly used for recreation. Australians use the word patio to refer to a verandah or balcony. Patios are either constructed from bricks, stones or nowadays also by means of concrete. Stones that are generally used in constructing patios include slate, sandstone and limestone. Patios are landscape designs that come under the category of hardscape. The hardscape is the part of landscape that doesn't include plants. There are few basic things which need to be kept in mind before designing a patio. Have a look at these important points.
  • The patio should look decent. One should not clutter it with unnecessary decorations.
  • Decorative items in the backyard should be arranged, keeping in mind the changing weather conditions.
  • It is also important to consider the target points of the sun i.e. positions in the backyard which come in contact with direct sunlight. Thus, care should be taken to protect elements of the hardscape.
Designs for Backyard Patio
It is possible to design a backyard in a number of ways. There is a wide range of ideas to choose from.
  • It is important to decide on a focal point of the patio. A focal point could be anything from a fountain, statue or even a flower bed. Here, the important thing is to highlight the focal point in such a way that it catches attention of onlookers.
  • A pool can act as the best focal point in the backyard for patios. Umbrellas and walkways around the pool can add to the beauty of these backyard enhancement constructions. Various themes can be shaped around the pool. Developing and decorating the area around the pool in line with a desert oasis can also turn out to be an innovative idea.
  • Lighting up the patio can be a fun activity. It provides ample scope to exhibit your creativity. Lights can be placed in the form of torches along walkways and hanging lights over trees.
  • Along with the lighting and focal point, a patio cover should be given its due importance. The activity of covering a patio with different elements such as furniture should take into account climatic conditions of that particular place. Patios in tropical regions should include arrangements for umbrellas and awnings. In temperate countries, there is always a possibility of rains to occur. In such cases, it is advisable to install permanent covers like the corrugated roofs. Furniture used in the decoration of patios are generally made from wood.
  • Pergolas too can add beauty to the backyard. A pergola is supported mostly by a wall of garage, greenhouse or the walls of your house. It filters the sunlight that passes through and provides a nice place for flower beds to grow.
Tips for Backyard Patio Designs
Along with extravagant designing ideas presented above, the following easy tips should also do good to enhance the appearance of patios.
  • Maintenance of patios is an important task. The budget for minor changes, maintenance and repairs should also be taken into account.
  • Materials to be placed in a patio should not get affected by sunlight. To avoid over exposure to sunlight, the chairs and other items should be placed in the southern part of the backyard.
  • Instead of constructing a usual square-shaped patio, new shapes should be tried out. Patios that make use of different geometrical shapes/patterns are popular these days. The edges should be curved in shape instead of commonly found angular ones.
  • Make sure the patio is built on an even surface.
The patios are not just concrete pavements created to eat up your backyard space. Designs that you select for the patio, reflects your personality. Designing of a patio should be looked upon as a creative activity, instead of a time-consuming and boring task. Constructing a good patio needs a lot of effort and also a bit of creativity on your part to make it a beautiful place.
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