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Size of the Autumn Blaze Maple

Tilottama Chatterjee Oct 19, 2018
The autumn blaze maple is a beautiful maple tree that can grow very big and looks magnificent. Given ahead are some facts and caring tips about this tree.
The autumn blaze maple is a popular ornamental tree known for its brilliant transformation every fall season, where its leaves turn a spectacular shade of red. This tree is a hybrid of the red and silver maple, botanically known as Acer freemanii. 
Popular for its low maintenance requirement and adaptable nature, the size of this tree varies between fifty and sixty feet when it reaches maturity. This makes it a perfect addition to a spacious garden, or for lining avenues and roads in residential areas.
Among the various types of maple trees, this one is a good choice for those who are busy and are looking for low-hassle, shade-giving ornamental trees. The following are some interesting facts about this tree.

Tree Facts

Apart from its famous fall colors, the growth rate of this tree is astonishing. It can grow up to 3 feet in a year, and its adaptable nature allows it to grow in different types of soil. It is also tolerant of drought and can survive a wide range of climatic conditions. The following are some points to note.
✦ It displays green leaves through spring, and small red flowers in the summer.
✦ It grows naturally in an oval shape and does not require pruning for shape maintenance.

✦ Its leaves resemble those of the silver maple, displaying the five deep lobes characteristic of maple trees.

✦ Upon maturity, its size can reach 60 feet in height and 35 to 40 feet in width.
✦ It is predominantly propagated by seeds. However, germination may be complicated, so many companies ship small trees ready for planting.

✦ Like most maple tree varieties, this one sheds its leaves in winter, but is 'minimally messy'.
✦ Although highly-adaptable in terms of climatic conditions and soil, its recommended growth zones are 4 to 7, though it can survive in zones 3 to 9 as well.

✦ It requires minimal watering once established, and benefits initially with a general-purpose fertilizer.
✦ Its pH preference is 6.0 to 7.5. It grows well in full sunlight.

✦ This is a hardy tree which is mainly disease-resistant and tolerant of exhaust fumes and other associated problems around busy thoroughfares.

Tree Care

Although it is mainly resilient, like all other plants, it is susceptible to a few diseases. Problems include low tolerance for alkaline soil, though this can be manipulated with ease. In addition, the following pests and diseases need to be guarded against.

Fusarium Wilt

Also known as Verticillium Wilt, this is a maple tree fungus that proliferates in moisture and cold. It detrimentally affects the plant's water conducting mechanism. Avoiding fertilizers high in nitrogen and over irrigation can help reduce the incidence of this condition.

Tar Spots

These appear as yellowish spots on leaves that slowly darken to black. Although they aren't harmful to the health of the plant, they are unsightly and therefore undesirable, attributed to certain fungi and pathogens.

Spider Mites

These feed on the plant, causing the leaves to appear stippled. They can also weave webs that cover the affected parts of the tree. They multiply rapidly in warm conditions, and the size of this tree can sometimes prove difficult for their removal if they infest high enough. Certain fertilizers can guard against this infestation.
Caring for the autumn blaze maple is relatively simple and does not require extensive labor or maintenance. Its beauty can brighten any landscape design, and its spectacular fall colors are a treat to watch.