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Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Rate

Autumn Blaze Maple Growth Rate
When grown in optimal conditions, autumn blaze maple growth rate is about 3 feet or more per year. If you are interested in planting this tree, read this article to learn some interesting facts about it.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Think of some of the most preferred landscaping trees, and you really cannot miss the autumn blaze or red maple. The demand for this cultivar is very high, especially for plantation in gardens, parks, along roadsides, and in other public areas. As we all know, one of the amazing things about a maple is its fall color, which is bright red for a red maple.
Autumn red leaves
Growth Rate
If you have shifted to a new location and want some aesthetic trees for your landscape, you should consider planting the red maple. Young plants are available in nurseries, which are in 5-7 feet in height. This beautiful tree is highly priced, as it is known for its fast growth rate. In fact, amongst all the various types of maples, an autumn blaze maple is the fastest growing variety.

Speaking more about the growth rate, landscapers claim that it grows by about 3 feet or more per year. This is definitely an impressive characteristic worth mentioning, considering the fact that other varieties of maple grow slowly or at a moderate rate. In other words, the growth rate of autumn blaze maple is four times more than that of other varieties. What's more, it has won the title of the best urban tree many times.
The interesting things about this tree is that it is resistant to pollution, car exhaust, strong winds, ice damage, and diseases. No wonder then that it is selected for planting in municipal areas. It can be grown in a wide range of soil types and is tolerant to drought conditions, except for a few months after plantation. Some more facts about this tree are discussed below:
Brilliant Fall Foliage
The height of an autumn blaze maple is approximately 40-50 feet at maturity, whereas the spread is about 30-40 feet. With reference to the growth rate, maturity is achieved within 10-15 years after plantation.
Maple tree seeds
This tree is propagated by means of viable seeds. However, germination of seeds may take longer. Hence, for planting in your garden, you can consider buying young plants (up to 7 feet in height) from your local nursery centers.
Red maple leaves
The original leaf color is green, which turns to brilliant red in the fall season. As compared to the other deciduous trees, an autumn blaze maple is less messy for homeowners. The leaves fall only during a specific season, i.e., during fall. Hence, you do not have to worry much about cleaning the yard frequently.
A most popular roadside tree, you can easily predict the care level required for planting a red maple. It does need a little care for maintaining a healthy growth. Best adapted to USDA zones 3-9, this landscaping tree prefers partial shade conditions and minimal watering. The flowers are small and red in color.
Even though this tree is resistant to most pests and diseases, some problems do exist. Some of the reported problems are tar spots, verticillium wilt, and fusarium wilt. Destructive pests for this cultivar are spider mites, aphids, and scale insects.
Provided the necessary growth requirements, this maple grows very fast. The tree canopy is uniform and it looks good even without modifying the shape. In short, it is a perfect ornamental tree for gardening enthusiasts, who have less time to care for their garden trees.