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Things to Know About Automatic Plant Watering Systems

Sonia Nair Dec 1, 2018
If you don't have enough time for watering plants on your own, an automatic plant watering system may prove a boon. Here is a brief overview about the same.
Nowadays, there are very few homes without plants. There are many plant enthusiasts, who keep on buying different varieties and end up with no time to take care of them. One of the main aspects of plant care is watering, which has to be done regularly.
While some people get fed up with manual watering, others do not have enough time for this task. Automatic watering systems can be of immense help for such people. You can either make some simple, homemade automatic plant watering systems, or purchase one that is best suited for you.
By installing an automatic watering system, you can do away with the task of watering plants manually. There are various types of plant watering systems that store and supply water to the plants, automatically.
You may go for simple ones or more sophisticated systems, as per your needs. There are many types of watering systems, designed for both indoor and outdoor potted plants, as well as flower gardens. In short, such systems take care of the water requirements of plants and eliminates manual watering totally.

Different Types

You can even make an automatic plant watering system from materials used for household purposes. Take a few plastic containers. Clean them well, and make two to three small holes on their bottom. Fill them with water and set them in the dirt, next to the plant.
If the soil is wet, very little amount of water will be absorbed from the containers; and as the soil gets dry, more water will be absorbed. Likewise, you can make such simple automatic plant watering devices using easily available materials.
Even commercial automatic watering systems come in various types. There are stand-alone systems, which come with pots and water reservoirs. The water reservoirs too, are available in different patterns. Such systems may or may not have timers.
They take care of the water requirements of individual plants. There are multiple plant watering systems, that can take care of a certain number of plants, at the same time. These systems constitute water tanks, pipes that supply water from the tank to individual plants, and drips attached to the end of each pipe.
For a garden, sprinklers and drip systems with timers are available. Even ground sensors are used in some sophisticated versions. If you install such a system, watering will be done, whenever the ground gets dry.
While some of watering systems work on battery power, some others require household electricity. Each type of plant watering system has its own features, which have to be understood, beforehand. Select the one, which is best suited for your requirement.
In short, automatic plant watering systems can be very useful for those, who don't have time to water their plants, and also for those are going on a vacation. Such watering systems can be of great help for conserving water.