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Asiatic Lilies

All You Want to Know About Growing And Taking Care of Asiatic Lilies

The best thing about Asiatic lilies is their beauty, which adds to the grace of the landscape by adding a range of colors to it.
Abhijit Naik
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2018
Variety Of Asiatic Lilies
The term Asiatic lilies is used to refer to a group of herbaceous flowering plants belonging to the genus lilium. These plants are typically native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. They are grown in abundance in several regions of North America, Europe, and Asia.
Pair Of Red Asiatic Lilies
They are quite popular owing to their beauty, which makes them ideal garden plants. Their soaring popularity in various regions of the world can be attributed to the fact that they are quite easy to grow.
White And Red Speckled Asiatic Lilies
Asiatic lilies, symbols of pride, purity, and flirting, have also been cited in several literary works and play a prominent role in several cultures across the globe.
Asiatic Lilies
Orange Asiatic Lilies
Not many people are aware of the fact that Asiatic lilies are grown from bulbs. In fact, they are harvested in several parts of the world owing to their edible bulbs. They are typically characterized by a fleshy stem, bladelike leaves, and relatively large flowers, which resemble a trumpet.
Asiatic Lilies Flower
These flowers bloom in a range of colors, including white, pink, yellow, and red. Of the different types of lilies, around a 110 species belong to this genus. Many people believe that all the plants with a common name 'lily' are lilies.
The fact, however, is that only the plants that belong to a certain genus are actually lilies―genus lilium being one of them―and hence, are referred to as true lilies.
How to Grow Asiatic Lilies?
As these lilies are grown from bulbs, you will have to visit your nearest nursery to get some of them. The staff at the nursery will be in a better position to tell you which species would be ideal for your region. However, you do have the option of buying potted lilies from the nursery and replanting them in your yard―an ideal option if you lack patience.
The best time to plant Asiatic lily bulbs is in spring or early fall. Choose an area wherein they will receive ample sunlight at least for one half of the day. Though these plants will grow in different types of soil, well-drained soil is known to bring out the best in them.
You will have to dig small homes for each of these bulbs and plant them individually. If the bulbs are small, you should ideally plant them 2 - 4 inches below the surface and if they are large, you should plant them 4 - 6 inches below the surface. Not surprisingly though, planting these species in groups can give your garden a colorful appearance.
In order to stimulate proper growth, you will have to resort to fertilizers, at least once a year, ideally in spring. Yet another important aspect of Asiatic lilies care is mulching, which has to be undertaken every fall.
If experts are to be believed, it is wise to leave the mulch until the last frost and simultaneously, clear the dead foliage of the plant to facilitate proper growth.
Being one of the easy-to-grow species, Asiatic lilies are quite popular among cultivators and thus, you are bound to find them in abundance in regions where they are grown. More importantly, their abundant availability ensures that they are within your reach in terms of money, all year round.
Once you grow them in your garden, you will see hordes of butterflies flocking your garden, which will again add to its beauty.