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Artificial Lighted Palm Tree Decor

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
When it comes to indoor and outdoor decor, artificial palm trees add a tropical touch and always score high as they are easy on maintenance. Here's a look at what makes artificial lighted palm tree decor such a rage amongst most people today.
Palm Trees have a strong reputation of being tropical plants. Requiring a lot of patience and care, these sturdy plants need a long time to reach their maximum growth. Some of them are also known to sustain cold weather.
However, the entire process seems to be a cumbersome task to many. Although most nature enthusiasts go out of their way to nurture and grow these plants, the rest prefer to go the 'artificial way.'

Material and Construction

These lighted fake palms come in various sizes that are crafted to resemble the real ones.
These lighted fake palms blend well with decorations in offices, restaurants, and hotels.
These are in vogue for the little care needed and add a natural touch despite the confines of the room.
These plants are crafted to look like the real one consisting of a fake trunk that acts as main support system.
There is also an external covering to it. This helps to cover up the material of the trunk. These also come with detachable fronds. The materials used are canvas, plastic, fiberglass, steel, and preserved palm. The materials like steel or fiberglass range a little on the expensive side. They can be potted into any container.
You can even take a plastic pot and tape up the holes. Add some stones, rocks, and bricks. Next, use expanding foam that will help in cementing it into the pot.
Once done, the plant can now be transferred into a container. Ensure you use varied decorative containers that go well with the place.

Style and Design

Artificial lighted palm tree decor is also catching on as one of the latest techniques for parties and special occasions. Available in various sizes, these are molded to imitate various types of palms. One can find them in a whole range of colors from red to yellow, orange, to blue!
Their strong inner base makes them sturdy and the fasteners used helps in securing them to the various bases. They have electric bulbs fitted on them and consist of multiple components.
The strong materials used are made with utmost care so that they resemble the real trees to the fullest. They have concealed wiring. These help in the safety element. Also remember to keep the size of the tree and even the leaves in mind before you make the purchase.
To make things easier, these are also available in ready-to-make kits. Here, all the buyer needs to do, to construct his tree, is to refer to the instructions. There are step-by-step instructions on how to fit the trunk and the base together. These trees also come with pre-programmed sequences for the display of light.
Silk variants are made to look like real trees and are usually heavier than regular ones. The silk has to be chosen with care, as they should blend with the environment. Note that the color you choose should enhance the surroundings.


  • An artificial tree is very easy on maintenance.
  • They can be placed anywhere.
  • They can be easily moved around when required to suit your room d├ęcor. You can even pack it away when it is not required as they are easy to assemble or dismantle.
  • They can be preserved for many years for further use.