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Easy-to-execute Plans for Arbors

Indrajit Deshmukh Jun 30, 2019
Garden arbors are easy to design and execute, and a well designed structure will transform the look of your garden.
Arbors can be a great gateway to your garden. They are functional and decorative gardening pieces that one must have. An arbor, or trellis, supports vine plants, and look especially beautiful when surrounded by grape, rose, and other flowering vines.
Arbors can be incorporated in many landscaping designs, as they can be built to give a tunnel like effect in your garden, and can also be built to give an archway effect.  They also are good gardening accessories, around which you can have your family gatherings and barbecue picnics.
Arbors have also seen a great share of weddings and are still one of the favored places for a home ceremony.

Wooden Arbors

Though carpentry skills are needed to build a good garden arbor, it is not that difficult to build. You will also have to be comfortable with the use of some power tools, that will be necessary to build this garden accessory yourself.
Red cedar is the most widely used wood while building this structure in the garden. It is used because cedar is strong and light weight, it has good resistance to most weather conditions. It can also be shaped into different designs without much difficulty.
✦ You can build an arbor as a doorway to your garden and have some ivy on it for 'secret passage' look. Have a structure sporting crisscross wood work, plant a few roses or other plants next to it, to add some color to it. Some people even have a bird house on the side of their arbor, giving it a unique appearance.
✦ Circular arbors in the center of the garden with a sitting area are also very popular design. This area can serve as your leisure getaway in the evening or early mornings. You can also build a deck inside the cylindrical structure a few feet above ground level.
✦ Another idea is to build a tunnel shaped arbor as a passageway leading into the garden or connecting two areas of your yard.
This is easy to build, all you need to do is dig holes on either side of your pathway, stick poles in the holes, and connect these poles at the top. Plant a couple of vines and guide them to form a canopy of leaves and stems on the roof of your structure.
The use of metal instead of wood is also growing in popularity with landscapers and gardeners. It is considered as a sturdy and more durable option to wood.
Deck arbors are also easy to execute, you just need a sound design, minimal craftsmanship, and some basics of landscaping. When thinking of building this structure keep your weekend free, and remember to pay extra attention to the safety measures.