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How to Sow Angel's Trumpet Seeds

Bidisha Mukherjee Feb 24, 2019
Angel's trumpet flower derives its name from its large-sized, fragrant, and pendulous nature. Read ahead to know more.
Flowers of this variety are exotic, consisting of 5 large lobes and are often white in color. In some varieties, yellow-, blue- or red-colored flowers are also observed. Fruits are covered with spines and hence referred to as thorn apple. An ideal time for sowing is during spring.
Step #1: The first step involves picking of the seeds. You have to collect dry seeds in early part of the year. Select those pods which have completely dried. You can identify this when you see that the outer shell of the pods have split because of dryness.
If you do not find such pods, then take some pods that are almost matured and then dry them off the tree. Store these seeds in a refrigerator till the time for planting them arrives.
Step #2: Before you plant them, take out the flat and yellow-colored seeds from the pod and cut their surface with a knife. Soak them overnight in a bowl of water. Next day, drain the water and use them for planting.
Step #3: Take a large-sized pot or container for planting as the growth rate of this tree is rather fast. Fill it with a potting mix covering. Select a light potting mix for this purpose as it provides good drainage.
Heavy potting soil should be avoided as it retains large amount of water which in turn can rot the seed much before germination. Mix some compost into the soil to improve its quality.
Step #4: Water the soil and sow the prepared seeds directly into the pot. For this, you have to make an indentation into the soil which should be about one-fourth inch deep. Place a seed into it and cover it up putting some soil over it. Do not press too much of soil over it. Then add some more water into the pot.
Step #5: These seeds need humidity with warm days and cool nights for germination. Keep the container in an area with partial sunlight. The soil should be watered such that it remains moist but does not get flooded. If the weather is hot and dry, you need to water the soil everyday. Usually, germination of the seed begins within 2 - 3 weeks of planting.
Add some common fertilizers to the soil after a gap of 2 - 3 weeks. Keep the area surrounding the plants free from weeds by mulching regularly. Bear in mind that various parts of the angel trumpet are poisonous. Hence, you should not plant them in your flower garden if you have small children and pets at home.