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How to Take Care of Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Khushnuma Irani Nov 23, 2018
Bright sunny skies, a cool calm breeze, and you're enjoying a relaxing day in your backyard on your comfortable aluminum outdoor furniture. But wait! Is your furniture discolored or pitted? If so, get help now.
So, you finally got yourself your dream home; with a garden, backyard, and white picket fence. Nothing can spoil the image of your dream home, not even a speck of dust or a dried-up plant. But what do you do when your carefully selected aluminum furniture starts to discolor or become rough?

What Makes Aluminum Furniture Popular?

Aluminum is considered one of the most versatile metal for furniture. It is durable as well as virtually care-free. We all know that it does not rust. When exposed to air, it develops a microscopic oxide layer on its exterior that prevents its corrosion.
This is the most important factor while choosing aluminum for outdoor furniture. It will weather any storm and still keep shining. You do not need to worry about covering your furniture the next time you are out and it starts to pour.


Did you know that there are different types of aluminum furniture? There is a difference between furniture made from wrought, tubular, and cast aluminum. Wrought is Victorian in style, with a much lighter and relatively rust-free finish as compared to wrought iron.
Tubular aluminum furniture is mostly used as it is lighter and easier to shape and design. Cast furniture, made of pure aluminum is highly resilient. It is molded into desired style and shape, and put together. As cast aluminum is solid, the furniture is heavier than wrought, tubular types.

Caring Tips

Aluminum does not rust, due to which it is perfect for outdoor furniture. But, it is affected by pollution and moisture, and its surface discolors or gets rough.
➤ If you notice your furniture slightly discolored, wash it with some soap and water. Remember to add some gentle household acid, like lemon juice, vinegar, or cream of tartar. Do not add ammonia, TSP, or soda. Always do this cleaning after the end of a particular season.
➤ If you notice that the aluminum has become pitted or is rough, you can polish or smoothen the surface with steel wool filled with soap. Remember to remove all traces of the steel wool from the surface of your furniture, otherwise it can rust and stain the surface of the aluminum.
➤ If the furniture is extremely dirty, there is a whole range of commercial cleaners available that can be used for cleaning. Remember not to use commercial cleaners on anodized aluminum though.
➤ You can also use a coat of auto wax or silicon spray to protect your furniture from corroding and pitting.

➤ If your furniture is made of colored anodized aluminum, then take extra care to use only mild detergent and water to wash it.
So, whether you enjoy entertaining guests on a bright sunny day or just want to enjoy a solitary day with a book and a cup of coffee, it is important for you keep your aluminum outdoor furniture in a prime condition.