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8 Tips for Gardening with Your Dog

Sudip Paul Nov 08, 2019
Dogs can be best friends of humans beings. In fact, they are good companions in life. If you start to love them surely, they will give you back the same. Not only as your companions but also as your highest form of security. They protect your home and your household from any harm.
There are times where they may cause a mess to your homes, but they stay loyal to you. Replacing glass vases on your table is not new for dog owners, much worse for those who have gardens at home.

These are obviously the worst problems for dog owners. However, you need to get rid of these problems as you can not just leave your dog only for these problems.
To get rid of these problems you need to prevent your dog from doing these worst things. But the question is how you are going to stop them? For gardeners, here are some tips to not let your friendly dogs destroy beautiful garden. Although these dogs may destroy your gardens, there are still instances where your dogs can help you in your gardening hobby.

1. Know Your Plants

Do not be fooled with those cute and sweet blossoms, because those plants could be poisonous to your dogs. It is inevitable that your dog eats the plant in your garden, and to make sure it will not harm them is to avoid poisonous plants. This also keeps your kids safe because there are really poisonous plants that are fatal to both humans and animals.
Make sure to plant it in areas that are beyond the reach to your dogs. To give you an idea, lily of the valley, oleander, and sweet peas are poisonous when ingested. Think twice before having these beautiful flowers at home and ask a professional florist first if the plant you want is safe for your dogs.

2. Keep Your Gates Closed

The most effective way to prevent your dogs from going to your gardens is to keep your doors or gates closed. Once it is left open, you are letting them have free access to the garden and lucky are you if nothing or not all are destroyed. One common reason is that if they see an open door, they start to get curious and excited about what is behind it.

3. Build a strong fence

Another effective strategy for keeping your playful dogs from entering your gardens is through fences. Built strong fences around your garden and reassure its efficiency, that its strength is enough to hold off a dog from entering. The height of these fences also matters because not all dogs are small. Some are huge and tall to jump over the fences.
Measure if the fence you built is high enough for your dogs to jump from one side to another. There are gardeners also that built fences leveled on their dog’s chest, for them, that height is enough to deter a dog’s vision already.

4. Provide Water

Make sure to provide them clean water whenever they want to stay outside or go along with into your garden. Dogs are good listeners. You can tell your dogs that your garden is not their playground. Once your dog learns not to cause any damage to it, then you can let them access your gardens anytime they want. They may find your garden as a place to relax.
But never let them stay in your gardens during hot season because too much heat will not only harm your plants but also your dogs. They could help you garden during summer, but do not let them stay with you under the scorching heat of the sun.

5. Create Pathways

Just like how you take your dogs to a park, building pathways made out of bricks, sand, mulch, or gravel will keep your dogs from crossing through your garden flowers. They know that those paths are intended for them to use. In addition, these paths will also give them the same experience and are wide enough to become a place for them to play and run.

6. Use Barrier Plants as Fence

If fences are impossible or not an option, then you can surround your garden with plants that are tall or thorny, which prevents access to your dogs. This makes dogs think twice in entering the garden since they knew that forcing their way in could hurt them. Moreover, this garden idea will make your garden look nice also.

7. Make Portable Garden

Opting into container gardening is a good idea, in case your playful dogs become unstoppable. One good reason with this kind of idea is that you easily move the plants in places where your dog cannot reach. This also applies to people living in places where gardening is a challenge. In this way, your gardening will not take too much space for your dog.

8. Keep Spice Plants in the Garden

Dogs do not like the smell of pepper, chili, and other spice plants. Coming across to any of it prevents a dog from continuing its path. In case you want to add an additional deterrent to your garden, you can plant these plants along with the other plants. You can also spread on your garden crushed peppercorns and chili powders for your dogs to smell.