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7 Summer Backyard Improvements Around Your Garden

Mia Morales Oct 18, 2019
Sometimes your garden needs company. Summers can become sweltering and if you find yourself having enough space around your garden, you can improve your backyard. Summer doesn’t have to find you stuck indoors; instead you can invite friends or family over and enjoy the days with relaxing water fun, a glorious cookout, or a search of the nighttime stars.

1. Lighting

Filling your yard with lights not only adds to the ambience of the nighttime fun, but it can also allow for safe passage through the yard. Solar lights can line a walkway, fairy lights can be strung along rooftop eaves, and globe lights can be placed on top of poles to brighten once dark areas. Lighting can also benefit making your garden look good at night.

2. Deck

When you build a deck in your backyard, you are doubling your summer activity space. A deck can also host parties, hold planters, and allow you to have quiet moments all alone. Not only does it invite friends to come and lounge with a cold drink on a hot night or even provide a lookout for your garden as you watch your plants from above.

3. Pool

There is nothing better than spending time in the cool water of a pool on a scorching hot day. If you live in a hot environment such as Nevada, Installing beautiful custom pools in Las Vegas in your backyard can give you access to cold water. Whether you enjoy splashing with the kids or swimming alone, a pool is a great way to spend your leisure activity.

4. Kitchen

Just a caution, make sure you don’t burn down your garden and take fire safety pre-caution. But if you love to throw summer parties and have your friends and family over all the time, why not invest in an outdoor kitchen! Just a simple grill with a sink to a fridge and cabinetry should do.

5. Fountain

The sound of running water can be soothing and Zen-like, so why not make a fountain in your backyard to meditate next to or just enjoy listening to as you relax in a lounger? The fountain can be connected to your garden and pool, or it can be a self-contained system that requires very little space.

6. Furniture

Who wouldn't want to sit down on chairs while being surrounded by your garden? Multicolored folding loungers, a table and chair covered with an umbrella, armchairs with ottomans, or barrel shaped stools are just a few of the possibilities for furniture selections when you decorate your backyard with furniture.

7. Swing

Few things are as relaxing as rocking back and forth in a swing after a long day of work. Select a free-standing swaying unit or a swing that hangs between trees in your yard. You will love every moment you spend in the gently swaying folds of the swing.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to enhancing your backyard for added summer fun.