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7 Outdoor Gadgets To Help You With Your Gardening

Richard Clayton Oct 11, 2019
Gardening is a fun hobby and recreational activity, although it may seem a lot of work. But thanks to modern technology, gardening is made easier. There are now tools you can use to help speed up and improve your work.
These also increase the plants’ chance of survival and make your yard look even better. Here are seven useful outdoor gadgets to help you with your gardening.

Automower Robotic Lawn Mower

Robots are increasingly improving their skills, now they can mow the lawn too! This robotic lawn mower can manage your lawn and maintain your yard with the touch of a button.
You can set and adjust the cutting schedule of your Automower using Connect@Home app. Its Bluetooth connectivity also works up to 100 feet.
The Automower Robotic Lawn Mower knows how to smartly navigate around your yard and even narrow passages. With its hidden boundary wires, it also knows when to return to the charging station if it is in need of a battery recharge.
You do not need bagging or raking anymore, robotic lawn mower allows very fine grass clippings to act as a natural fertilizer for your grass. It can cut grass upto 2.4 inches tall and tackle slopes upto 22 degrees and yards up to .4 acres.

Edyn Smart Garden Sensor

This useful smart gardening gadget lets you monitor and keeps you connected to your garden from anywhere. The Edyn garden sensor features a continuous tracking of humidity, light, moisture, temperature, and soil nutrition.
It gives you real-time guidance through notifications and tips tailored to your garden's conditions and the weather forecast. This ensures durability and good quality for long plant life.
The garden diagnostic analyzes and matches the climate and condition that best suits your plants. You can also discover new plants with Edyn's plant database of over 5,000 varieties.

ScareCrow Motion Activated Animal Repellent

Are you tired of animals such as squirrels, cats, or raccoons invading your garden and messing up your plants? The ScareCrow Animal Repellent is a good tool to use to keep animal intruders at bay. It features a heat and motion-activated sensor.
It also uses three cups of water that blasts for three seconds. The sudden noise, movement, and spray are startling yet harmless. This will teach pests and animals to avoid the protected area in the future. This animal repellent will protect your garden, landscaped areas, or yards day and night.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

This smart sprinkler contains everything you need to control your garden from anywhere. By just downloading the Rachio App, you can remotely care for your lawn with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or a connected home system like Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
The Rachio Smart Sprinkler automatically waters your lawn and adapts exactly to what it needs to thrive. It enables you to set your own irrigation schedules according to the plant type and sun exposure.
Rachio also automatically adjusts the schedule through a Weather Intelligence that features comprehensive weather data and the latest local forecasts. This provides the right amount of water at the right time making your plants healthier.

Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw

Trimming branches can be quite difficult, especially if their heights have greatly increased. But the cordless pole saw from Greenworks ensures an easy branch trimming. It features an eight-inch bar and chain that works up to 60 cuts.
You also do not have to program this pole saw twice after the power is depleted because its lithium-ion battery retains memory. This rechargeable battery delivers more power and runtime. The cordless pole saw has a chain tensioning system that is easily adjustable for quick tightening of the chain.
A 3-piece aluminum collapsible shaft can extend from five to eight feet to reach a variety of branch heights. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw is lightweight and operates smoothly with less noise.

Ego Power Hedge Trimmer

You can now work on hedges that have thick stems and branches with precise clean cuts. This well-balanced hedge trimmer is designed for you to operate more comfortably.
It features large cutting capacity with the use of a long, dual knife-edge, and ground blade that is laser-cut from a diamond. The blade-tip protection stops any kind of damage from walls or fences.
You can also select the right speed for every task with its two-speed selector. This hedge trimmer ensures safer working with the safety blade guard. It is stopped by the electric brake when the trigger is released to help prevent injuries.
The adjustable trimmer of the rotating rear provides you with a more comfortable cutting angle, whether it is horizontally or vertically. The Ego Power hedge trimmer is powered by an Arc Lithium 56v battery that delivers an impressive run time with a single charge.

Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper

This push lawn sweeper is the solution to cut down the monotony of raking. It maintains a well-groomed lawn and easily picks up leaves, lawn debris, and grass clippings. This will surely help speed up your yard work.
The Agri-Fab lawn sweeper is lightweight and easy to push. You can also adjust the settings according to height. This lawn sweeper includes four brushes and a collapsible hopper bag to sweep your debris into. Its exceptional performance will make your life easier and your garden well-kept.