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7 Beneficial Insects for Your Garden Plants

These beneficial insects for plants pollinate flowers and kill pests.
John Milton Jul 30, 2019


Bees are indispensable in the growth of plants why they are considered one of the most important global pollinators. While they feed on the nectar of flowers, they pollinate them by transporting the pollen that gives life to our plants.


Although it is a tiny insect, it has a voracious appetite. Ladybugs feed on pests, devouring thousands of harmful insects such as aphids, whiteflies, aphids, mealybugs, lice, and other common plant pests.


This insect is a great pollinator. They perch on flowers and take pollen to others to fertilize them, generating new seeds and favoring the growth of our plants. In addition, its larvae serve as food for other beneficial insects


The crisopa will spend all spring and summer feeding on the nectar of your flowers and will keep your garden free of pests. This insect is the number one destroyer of the whitefly, both in its larval state and in its adult state.


These beneficial insects of great aerodynamic design are also specialists in attacking mosquito pests and their larvae to feed. If you have a pond with plants at home, you will attract this predator for dinner.


The droppings of these worms provide nutrients, aerate the soil and control the soil's PH. If you have plants planted in the ground and some earthworm appears, do not be frightened, it is helping you keep the garden healthy. (Besides that they can attract some birds)


Beetles end up with worms, caterpillars and other insects that attack your plants.
Now that you know them, never again try to get rid of these beneficial insects for plants. I invite you to check some best trap to catch the bed Insects.