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7 Beautiful Roses Every Gardener Should Plant

If you're a gardener and a rose lover, these 7 different varieties of roses should be your top choice to grow in your garden.
Chris Ng Nov 11, 2019

Why Should You Grow Roses?

Roses are known as the sun-loving plants that produce the classic, spectacular blossoms hailed by many as the most beautiful of all flowers.

These delicate flowers seem like they require high maintenance but new developed varieties are now available and growing them in the back or front yard have become easier. Here's what you can grow...

#1. Flower Carpet Roses

Flower Carpet is a series of roses which as the name suggests, were meant to grow short and low.

Developed by Noack Rosen in the 1990s, these roses were cultivated for their impressive resistance to common leaf pests and diseases, abundant bright colors that last throughout almost all seasons, and their tolerance for different environments.

#2. Knock Out Roses

This award-winning kind of roses became one of the best-selling plants in the US and even Europe.

The compact bushes bear pink, white, red, yellow, and coral showy flowers that are repeat bloomers too. Like all garden roses, these roses will need watering and fertilizer application but they don’t need to be as frequent.

#3. Carefree Wonder Rose

Also called Rosa ‘Melpitac’, this floribunda shrub rose produces wonderful cups of fragrant pink flowers that bloom all year round!

Introduced in France by Meilland in the 1990s as well, this rose became a hit because almost anyone can grow it without upkeep and it's 
known to be resistant to black spot, mildew, and rust.

#4. Paint the Town Rose

Plant this rose on fertile soil with good drainage under full sunlight and you will have a plant that blooms year after year without having to toil over its maintenance.

Rosa ‘Paint the Town’ is very immune to black spot and mildew and it grows manageably, under half a meter high.

#5. Snowdrift Rose

As the name implies, the Snowdrift rose bears gorgeous white as snow flowers covering the entire bushy plant.

It was hybridized by Ping Lim before 2007 and has become popular because of its hardiness and disease resistance. The fragrant flowers, medium stalks, and glossy foliage made it a favorite cut flower source by many florists.

#6. Little Mischief Rose

The Little Mischief rose may sound dainty but it produces big flowers forming in clusters that start out deep pink and fade into soft blush. They stand out against the glossy dark green foliage that covers the entire half a meter of a bush.

#7. French rose

This is one of the very first species cultivated in central Europe. It’s known by other names such as rose of Provins, or Gallic rose. Each flower has five or more petals and sometimes it’s even has flowers within flowers, as known as double-flowered.

If you’re one of the many people who love roses or just starting to develop a passion for this exquisite flowering plant, our list of roses should be a good start for you to add to your garden!