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5 Tips to Help Keep Bugs & Critters Out of Your Yard

Mikkie Mills Sep 27, 2019
Keeping your backyard and shed bug-free is not easy, but that doesn't mean it cannot be done. Some bugs are not only invasive; they could pose a danger to you, your family, and your pets. However, some preliminary actions can be taken to keep your property bug-free.

Develop a Mowing Habit

It is important to maintain and mow your lawn regularly. Tall grasses attract insects and critters. Fire ants, ticks, and other creatures love tall grass because it protects them from predators and gives nourishment. Tall grass protects insects from sunlight when the heat gets intense.

Sensor Lights Option

One thing that attracts insects and other lifeforms to your yard or shed is light. Sensor lights can turn on when they sense movement and turn off when you leave the backyard. This reduces the chances of attracting more bugs or critters to your yard.

Calling in the Pros

Perhaps one of the most obvious ways to keep bugs and critters under control is to give professionals a chance to deal with them. They will inspect your yard and shed to find what all the bugs can exploit. Allow professionals to deal with this issue by searching tick and bug control near me on the internet.

Standing Water Woes

Mosquitos use standing water to breed. Other creatures come for water, and their predators follow in your backyard or shed. Make sure standing water is removed and your pool is fully covered when not in use.

Flip the Mulch

Mulch can look beautiful, but this organic material can also attract insects and critters. Insects and other critters use mulch to build their nests or even their homes. You can prevent this by ensuring you flip the mulch time to time.