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5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Garden More Attractive

Be ahead and know more. A full guide on how to get the best out of your garden.
William Brown Nov 05, 2019


Beautiful gardens have an appealing allure to our senses. They bring forth a myriad of beautiful colors, fragrances, textures and wildlife sights, and sounds. They are also one of the first things you look at, knowingly or not when you walk past a house. The landscape., how it’s kept, groomed, and put together.
As Richard Briers once said: “A garden is a thing of beauty and a job forever.” Tending to your garden with love gives satisfaction when you see it all come together. When you walk out and experience the beauty and tranquility of a well kept, healthy garden you know it was worth!

1) Clean Out and Shape Up

Nothing helps to transform a garden more than cleaning it out, trimming overgrown vegetation, and shaping your lawn. When it comes to getting rid of all the garden waste, there are a few options available. Transportation of garden waste to a drop off point can be done by means of loading up a truck bed, a hitch cargo carrier or just hiring a company to it.
Pull out weeds and give your flowerbeds a well-defined shape. Water and shovel the soil to loosen the earth. Trim overgrown trees and bushes. Cut the grass and shape your lawn. This will give your garden a completely new appearance! You can also start home composting. This is an eco-friendly and greener approach.

2) Plant More

Filling up your flowerbeds should be a treat in itself. Planting all sorts of pretty flowers and herbs. Waiting in anticipation for them to finally bloom and seeing the magic as your garden transforms into a place rich in color and fragrance! If you’re a little stretched on your budget, then start filling your flowerbeds with clump-forming perennials.
They are super cost-effective as you can pull the clumps apart. Make sure there is some stalks and roots left and then plant each part in the flowerbed.

When they eventually grow, spread and start blooming the following year, you can dig them up and break the clumps apart again, and replant them as well!

3) Plant Trees

Trees give depth and character to the landscape. You don’t have to plant large trees, but consider small-sized trees such as Juneberry or Crab apples. They are inexpensive, and will make difference to the garden’s appearance, especially when they start blooming!

4) Add A Theatrical Flair

Don’t shy away from planting something big and bold in your garden space! Add a bit of pizazz and dimension by planting something out of the ordinary, such as an over-sized Gunnera or a Delicious Monster. They will definitely be a focal point and topic of discussion.
It’s a great idea to integrate your plants. Plant a variety of herbs in between you flowerbeds. It will create a sensory feast when seeing the different colors, textures, and smelling the sweet scents of flowers, followed by the earthy and strong fragrances of the herbs.

5) Garden Decor

It’s always nice to have a few extras in your garden space, just to give it that extra personal touch. Adding things like bird feeders or birdbaths is a great way of luring in wildlife.
Being able to go outside and listening to the beautiful birdsong and watching they're movements, all in a tranquil space can be very beneficial to one’s well being.
Another brilliant way to attract wildlife to your garden space is through small ponds or water features. Not only will it attract thirsty animals and insects, it also looks serene and wonderful in an outdoor setting!

Not to mention being able to listen to the trickling and flow of water, while a breeze rustled the tree leaves and the birds chirp away.

Walkways and Fairy Lights

Laying walkway paths throughout your garden is a smart move, as it doesn’t cause any unnecessary damage to your grass. A very affordable way to lay a walkway is by using gravel. It gives a much more natural look.
Adding fairy lights to your outdoor space, or any other soft lighting, will all provide another dimension to your garden at night.


Gardening should be a creative project. It doesn’t have to be a chore or a ridiculous expense! Take the time to shape your outdoor space in such a way that you can find beauty, pride, solace, and peace in it.